Saturday, 13 April 2013

One Direction!

Harriet, Katie, Me and Amy at the concert waiting for one direction to come on stage 
One direction coming over the audience!

On Monday i was lucky enough to see one direction in concert for the third time after seeing them for the first time at the x factor tour in march 2011 and again at the up all night tour in January last year which was amazing and is a night i will never forget. The whole night was amazing from arriving and seeing one direction leaving their tour bus to standing outside with load of other fans hoping to be lucky enough to meet the boys which unfortunately we were not but still the night was amazing! 

Finally seeing one direction on Monday was such an amazing experience and was probably one of the best nights of my life, I was so thankful to get to go to this tour as i knew how many people wanted to go and were unable to get tickets the whole experience was just incredible including the build up to the concert which seemed to last forever as me and my friends counted down the days for over a year! 

When we arrived at the arena and got to our seats I was so happy to be so close to the stage and we were all so excited waiting for the support acts to begin, although I wasn't a huge fan of Camryn i think it is amazing how young she is and how she is touring the world with one direction. When 5 seconds of summer came on I was surprised how much I like them, but nothing could beat the atmosphere in the room when one direction finally came on stage the whole room just erupted into screams. One of my favorite places to be is in an arena full of people who all feel the same way as i do and who are all as happy to be there as I am and I hope some day I'll be able to experience that feeling again as I am already looking forward to their next tour and hope I'll be lucky enough to get tickets.