Wednesday, 22 May 2013

50 facts about me!

This tag has been going around YouTube and well seen as though i'm too scared to make YouTube videos i figured why not just do the tag on my blog so here it is 50 facts about me: 

  1. My full name is Sophie Leigh Ramshaw 
  2. i'm 16 years old
  3. my birthday is on the 20th if march 
  4. I have one Brother who is called Daniel and is 22 
  5. I'm left handed but i do pretty much everything apart from writing with my right hand
  6. i spend far to much of my time on twitter (my username is @sophieramshawx not that anyone cares)
  7. i love to read and when i was younger i owned every single Jacqueline Wilson book 
  8. I would love to live in New York 
  9. I've live in the same house ever since i was born 
  10. I want to study psychology, sociology, business and i'm considering doing biology at a-level next year
  11. the thought of the future scares me 
  12. my favorite film of all time is the notebook (predictable i know) 
  13. i tend to ever be obsessive over things or not like them at all 
  14. i fall in love with tv shows far too easily 
  15. I've seen every episode of One tree hill 3 times this year 
  16. i'm obsessed with pretty little liars and spend far too much of my time reading theory blogs 
  17. i love music, but i fall in love with song lyrics 
  18. i go to far too many concerts (which my mam probably hates seen as though she pays for them) 
  19. I've seen one direction in concert 3 times and hope to get tickets for their stadium tour 
  20. i love watching beauty gurus on YouTube 
  21. my favorite author has to be john green 
  22. and my favorite book is looking for Alaska 
  23. i have to have a bracelet around my wrist at all times 
  24. i haven't took my Tiffany necklace off since i got it this Christmas
  25. the only person I've told about this blog is my best friend as i don't think it is good enough to have people i know reading it 
  26. i used to be able to rap every word to super bass by nicki minaj 
  27. i once broke my finger ice-skating and i still have a deformed finger from it
  28. i've never been part of a sports team or club 
  29. i'm allergic to jelly beans 
  30. i have seen every single episode of One tree hill, Full house, Pretty little liars, the lying game, gossip girl, the big bang theory, suburgatory, awkward, victorious, Hannah Montana, the suite life of zack and Cody (and the suite life on deck), that's so raven, Lizzie McGuire, iCarly, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, Tracy Beaker (and Tracy Beaker returns) and I'm 9 seasons into friends
  31. while writing that I've just realized i really need to get a life 
  32. i have two exams tomorrow and i should really be revising instead of blogging 
  33. whilst revising i refuse to write in a blue or black pen 
  34. i'm ridiculously uncoordinated 
  35. when i was like 12 i was completely obsessed with the twilight saga
  36. i have a list of over 200 books i want to read 
  37. I eat far too many munch bunch yogurts
  38. i enjoy organizing my room far too much
  39. whenever i wear rings i constantly sit and twist them around my finger 
  40. i do the same with a thread bracelet that i've had tied around my wrist for a year 
  41. i've watched ever single shaytards vlog 
  42. i'm short sighted 
  43. i wear my pair of white converse almost everyday 
  44. i've been learning french for the past 6 years and i still don't think i could have a conversation with someone who was actually french 
  45. i've also been learning Spanish for the past 4 years
  46. i want to keep learning them as if i ever had kids i'd like to be able to teach them another language 
  47. i always go to sleep at ridiculous times 
  48. and rarely sleep without listening to music 
  49. i want to teach myself to play the guitar 
  50. i hate talking on the phone 
i can't believe I've actually just sat and wrote out 50 facts about me which no one will even care about but y'know as i said earlier i need a life.