Wednesday, 22 May 2013


This christmas i got lots of beauty products and a number of them happened to be benefit, including the sexy little stowaways and set of lip glosses which i unfortuneatly can't remember the name.
I am a huge fan of all of the benefit products but my favourites have to be both the they're real and bad gal lash mascaras, i love bad gal lash mainly because of the huge brush which enables me to get long full looking lashes which is something i have never felt i have got from a mascara in the past.
I actually got the they're real mascara as a birthday present from my friend katie last year and i have been using it ever since, one of my favourite things about this mascara is that it stops my lashes from looking clumpy which is obviously something i look for in a mascara.
Apart from mascaras one of my favourite products from benefit would have to be the porefessional which is an amazing product and really does minimize the size of my pores. Overall benefit products are some of my favourite beauty products and despite the rather expensive pricing i would recommend them to anyone.