Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bucket list!

A while ago i decided that there was things i wanted to do in my life so i decided why not create a bucket list, but then i completely forgot about it until the other day. Although i haven't actually been thinking about doing these things i have actually managed to some of them so i decided to add to my list and i figured i might as well share it with you so here it is my bucket list:

See one direction live
meet one direction
see taylor swift live
see take that live 
visit new york 
visit LA
visit London
Travel around the world (just pack your bags and leave).
Live in London.
Live in New York.
Meet Ed Westwick (or walk past him in the street or something like that)
get an A* in an exam 
Watch all the big bang theory, the lying game, friends, pretty little liars, gossip girl, one tree hill, 90210, full house, new girl, how i met your mother and any other show i decide i like 
Learn how to ski
Kiss in the rain
take a picture everyday
go on a road trip with friends 
Walk on the walk of fame
Stay up all night to watch the sun rise 
Cliff jump.
have a room i love 
Have a huge water balloon fight.
visit disneyland
go to prom
Complete Wreck this Journal. 
Get a house where you can sit on the roof.
live near the beach 
have a movie marathon with friends
graduate university 
visit Australia 
visit new zealand 
stay up all night 
see fall out boy live 
see all time low live 
go to a festival

i'm obviously going to keep adding to this list however for now this is all i've got and i can't wait to be able to cross some more things off this list.