Monday, 24 June 2013


I haven't made a blog post in quite a while because well i've been doing exams for the past couple of months which meant a lot of revision, but they're all over now and i'm officially left school and have 10 weeks of summer which i am so happy about!
After my exams finished on the 19th of june i had one day off and then it was prom which i had been looking forward to ever since my brother had his prom so like for the past 7 years and well the whole night was amazing! As well as loving the actual prom i loved getting ready, having people do my hair and make up, doing my nails and getting ready into my dress was so much fun. Once i was ready i went up to my friend katie's house where me and my friends were meeting to go in our limo to beamish hall where our prom was, while we were there we took lots of photos so these are just some of the ones i love
from left to right, Amy, Sophie, Beth, Me, Ellie, Chloe, Katie, Harriet and Zoe 

Me about to get in the limo

Me and Katie 
Once we arrived at Beamish hall we took more photos and waited for everyone to arrive so we could see everyone's dresses, we then went inside and had a meal which was surprising really nice. After that there was a disco but we ended up spending most of the night sitting around outside and taking more photos
Standing: Jamie, Ellie, Chloe, Alex, Me, Beth, Katie, Zoe and Harriet
Sitting: Glen, James, Evan, James and Matthew 
 When it was time to go home we all got back in the limo and went back to my friend Beth's house for the after party, where we just had a few drinks and sat around talking until around 5/6 in the morning when we eventually fell asleep and woke up around 5 of 6 hours later when Me and Katie then left to get ready to go to North East live a concert which lasted for the next 9 hours! This was such an amazing start to the summer and i really hope it continues like this!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

May favourites!

I actually can't believe it's already june, this year seems to be going far too fast on the bright side though that means i'm almost finished my exams and i'll have around 10 weeks off school! Anyway i figured seen as though it's now June i would post my May favourites so here they are.

My first favourite has to the Essie mint candy apple nail polish, i heard about this from Zoe of zoella and bethany of macbarbie07 and i just knew i had to have so i went out and i bought it and i have been in love ever since and every time i want to paint my nails this is what i reach for i basically just love this nail polish.

my next favourite is a product i got for christmas in the benefit sexy little stowaways set and that is the bella bamba 3D brightening face powder. I've been loving this lately as i've had a lot of exams which means a lot of late nights and early morning and generally when i have an exam i can't really be bothered to do much make up this really helps to brighten up my face.

my next favourites go together and they are the rimmel wake me up foundation and concealer which again are amazing on those early mornings when i want to look a bit more awake. The real techniques buffing brush also goes along with this as i have been loving this brush for applying my foundation as it gives amazing coverage!

my final beauty favourite is the wella thermal image heat protect spray, i've been loving this as i've been trying to use less heat on my hair as i had been straightening my hair every day and it was starting to have an effect on my hair however there's still odd times when i want to straighten my hair so this is great to avoid damaging my hair too much.

Now onto my non beauty favourites, first of all my favourite tv show for may has to be one tree hill, i've been loving this show since january but i finally bought the season 1 dvd and i've just been watching it whilst doing my revision and i love it just as much now as i did when i first watched it.

My favourite book of the month this month has to be the last song although technically i finished this book yesterday so not in may i started reading this on friday whilst sunbathing in the garden and i loved it so much that i read it within two days! i've loved the film ever since it came out but for some reason i had never read the book so i'm so glad i finally read it!

And finally my favourite songs of the month, this is really hard to chose but i thinking i'm going ot have to go with imagine dragons on top of the world which is just one of the many imagine dragons songs i've been loving lately and mcfly love is easy but this version -  as i saw it and completely fell in love with mcfly again. so that's it these are all of my May favourites :)