Friday, 30 August 2013

August favourites!

I've done this once before but then for some reason i never carried on doing it so i decided today as August is unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which way you look at it) coming to an end that i would post my august favourites so here it is:
My first favourite is definitely maybelline's baby lips, these came out in America ages ago and i had been hearing loads about them so when they finally came out here in the UK i knew i had to try one so me and my friends went to boots and when we finally found them we were so happy that there was 3 left, enough for each of us to get one, the first one i got was the mint fresh one and since then i have picked up the pink punch and cherry me ones as well because i love them so much!
My next favourite is my Soap & glory smoothie star body milk which was great for after i had been on holiday and my skin was starting to peel, I've also been loving my soap & glory sugar crush body wash which i have just bought my third bottle of as it smells amazing!
my next favourite isn't beauty related it is actually a film (i might actually have a film of the month each month) it is monsters inc/university, i have been obsessed with anything monsters inc related which is driving my mam a bit mad i even have monsters inc fluffy socks which i am in love with!  Another film i loved this month is The conjuring although it did terrify me i guess that makes it a good film.
For my favourite TV shows this month i couldn't pick between these two so I'll have to say Teen wolf and Supernatural as i have been obsessed with them both.
Finally my favourite song of the month for August has too be all the little lights by passenger as it is such a beautiful song.