Friday, 30 August 2013

My escape!

I've been thinking about making this post for a long time but well the topic of the post itself pretty much explains why i never got round to it, I've been watching TV shows. I love watching TV (technically i watch on my laptop but you get what i mean) i don't really know why i guess i just love getting to fall in love (or hate) with the characters and getting to see them grow, of course i love the plot as well but i like to go into the characters world to get away from my own in a way. i have this thing where i either really love something or really hate it so when i love something i sort of become addicted to it, there's two TV shows i want to talk about in particular but i figure i might as well tell which shows i watch as well. 
so here's a list of shows i watch: One tree hill, Friends, Gossip girl, Pretty little liars, Twisted, The fosters, The big bang theory,How i met your mother, The o.c, 90210, Teen wolf, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Awkward and Suburgatory, Im sure there's more but i can't for the life of me think of what they are. 

I've spoke about One tree hill and Friends on this blog in the past and i still stand by that they are two of my favourite shows and i can and have watched them over and over again but i've also came to love criminal minds i only started watching it at the beginning of this year after hearing so much about it from one of my friends and i'm so glad i did because it allowed me to build on something i love which is psychology and more specifically criminal psychology. (it also introduced me to Matthew Gray Gubler which y'know i'm not complaining about).