Friday, 20 September 2013

Stop this train I want to get off and go home again!

Stop this train by John Mayer is one of my favourite songs right now because it literally describes exactly how i feel. I've never really been someone who likes change although I've always accepted that it is inevitable however this year so much has changed that I'm back to wishing that it wouldn't. First of all I'm still amazed that it's September like when the fuck did that happen?! seriously i swear it was Christmas just last month. The change that is the biggest is definitely that I've started sixth form this year, it may be a part of my school however the change is still huge, it means less subjects, new people, new teachers, more responsibility and having to actually work hard and think about the future. i say work hard as I luckily am one of those people who sort of just sailed through school and now I am in sixth form I actually have to work so much harder to do well ( and i should really be writing a sociology essay rather than this) but although this is a huge change and it scares me quite a lot i really am looking forward to the rest of this year and all the amazing things I'm going to get to do.